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best served with music.

100% natural. low sugar. made in aotearoa.

premium vodka, sparkling water

raspberry & pomegranate

lemon & lime

in a world filled with chaos, it’s good to have some clarity

low sugar

100% Natural

made in aotearoa

In a world filled with chaos, it’s good to have some clarity. When you mix premium New Zealand made vodka, all natural flavours and add zero artificial sugar, you get a product that not only tastes great, but that you can feel good about drinking.

Premium vodka, sparkling water, lemon & lime

Premium vodka, sparkling water, raspberry & pomegranate

A few good friends set out to deliver New Zealand a premium beverage that kiwis can truly feel good about drinking.

Ever woken up feeling terrible after a good session? Well, it wasn’t the carbonated water, and it certainly wasn’t the bassline. Sugar is the hangover king! So we’ve just kept it to an absolute minimum without limiting the taste, for tomorrow brings you another world of opportunity. Wake up on the light side of the bed.

Greenroom is triple distilled, genuinely low in sugar and mixed only with sparkling water and all-natural concentrated fruit flavours. Oh...and it’s made right here in Aotearoa. No wonder we’re proud to display the ingredients on the can!

Launching into a world of disingenuous marketing, Greenroom is the drink that you can trust to be what it says it is.

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greenroom. best served with music